BlueSky Lubricants

BlueSky Lubricants is a brand dedicated to providing premium alternatives to the biggest names in manufacturing and industrial lubrication.

As far as industrial lubrication is concerned, quality is everything – if you’ve got the cash to pay for it.

BlueSky has formulated a series of industrial lubricants including top-of-the-line hydraulic oils, compressor oils, and gear lubes that are designed to match the performance characteristics of any brand. Believe us, these guys do not mess around when it comes to execution – only the finest synthetic base oils are used in BlueSky Lubricants and they are built to exceed the performance of most oils designed to function in similar applications.

With an emphasis on environmental impact and the efficiency of your industrial machine, BlueSky Lubricants are truly the antithesis of “Big Oil.”

With the Premium Alternative to Big Oil, you can escape inflated pricing without ever sacrificing quality.

Bizrate 2023 Platinum Seven Time Winner