CASTROL GTX SAE 10w-40 Motor Oil

CASTROL GTX SAE 10w-40 Motor Oil

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CASTROL GTX SAE 10w-40 Conventional Non-Synthetic Engine Oil

Castrol GTX 10w-40 provides superior deposit protection. Castrol GTX is re-engineered with TriShield technology to actively protect against deposit build-up. TriShield attracts, captures and disperses small deposit particles before they become big problems. Engine deposits can turn into a thick, dark substance that can wreak havoc within an engine, building up and clogging oil passages. Deposit build-up can lead to reduced gas mileage, decreased engine performance, and in some cases, engine seizure. What’s worse, once it builds up in an engine, it’s almost impossible to remove. 

Castrol GTX SAE 10w-40

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