Castrol TranSynd 668

Castrol TranSynd 668

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Castrol TranSynd 668 Full-Synthetic Heavy-Duty Automatic Transmission Fluid Approved for Allison TES-668 fluids, Backwards Compatible with Allison TES-295 Approved Fluids 

Castrol TranSynd 668 is a premium, full-synthetic, automatic transmission fluid uniquely formulated and engineered for Allison TES-668 and fully backwards compatible with TES-295 applications. 

Castrol TranSynd 668 enhances the groundbreaking design and performance of the original TranSynd formula for Allison TES 295 and TES 468 Transmissions.
Providing exceptional improvements in wear/gear protection, extended drain intervals 
up to 12 times longer in general-duty and severe-duty transmissions, extended clutch-friction durability, lower deposit formation, corrosion and foaming resistance, and more.

For effortless durability, performance, and protection, Castrol TranSynd 668 is a true powerhouse.

Applications Include: 

  • Specifically formulated and approved for any automatic transmission specifying for Allison Transmission TES-668 or TES-295.

Performance Features & Benefits: 

  • TES-668 builds on demonstrated quality performance of the TES 295 specification.
  • Can deliver extended drain intervals of up to 12 times longer in general-duty/severe-duty transmissions than other non-TES 668 and non-TES 295 fluids.
  • Wear protection in gears throughout the drain interval from enhanced shear stability.
  • Extended durability for anti-shudder and clutch-friction properties, providing shift comfort, constant clutch shift times, consistent gear changes, smooth clutch engagement via improved friction, etc. 
  • Possesses superb thermal and oxidation stability for much lower deposit formations.
  • Full-Synthetic base fluids deliver superior performance in both high and low temperatures. 


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