Chevron Aries 220

Chevron Aries 220

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Chevron Aries Rock Drill Oil ISO VG 150

Chevron Aries 150 air-tool oil is formulated from the highest-quality paraffinic base stocks and additives. These lubricants are highly refined petroleum-based products that are engineered to meet the critical lubrication demands of percussion rock drills. Chevron Aries Oils meet the specifications of Ingersoll-Rand Rock Drill Oil for light, medium, and heavy rock drill oils. They may also be used in many air-operated tools such as jackhammers, drifters, and others.

Due to the nature of rock drills and other air tools, Aries lubes are uniquely designed to adhere to metal surfaces, allowing various moving components of these mining tools to remain well-lubricated. Since incidental water contact is common with these tools, the emulsification tendency of these oils make them ideally suited to resist splashes of water and will not be washed off. Aries lubricants from Chevron are also low-odor and low-toxicity.

Performance Characteristics

· Extends equipment life

· Reliability in wet conditions

· Ashless, non-chlorinated additive package

· Low environmental impact

· Satisfies several lubrication applications


Highly-refined base oils are used to provide the high film strength and necessary performance characteristics required to serve as a lubricant in high-powered air-tools. 

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