Chevron Delo Grease ESI HD EP 2

Chevron Delo Grease ESI HD EP 2

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Chevron Delo Grease ESI HD EP 2 

Delo Grease ESI HD EP is a red colored, lithium grease that is formulated with ISOSYN Technology providing protection for the most demanding applications.

Delo Grease ESI HD EP greases are multipurpose, high performance products specially formulated for plain and anti-friction bearing applications operating under high stress/high load conditions, coupled with high ambient temperatures typically found in heavy duty off-road applications. Developed as a true contractors product, this line of grease was specifically designed to lubricate and protect equipment that is subjected to demanding conditions. 

Delo Grease ESI HD EP greases are manufactured using select, highly refined base oils using a lithium complex thickener system that includes excellent rust and oxidation inhibitors coupled with extreme pressure and tackiness additives. This non-moly version is red in color and is stringy in texture.


  • Off-Road Construction including tractors (dozers), excavators, backhoes, shovels, high lifts, articulated loaders, haul trucks, tri-axle dumps
  • Surface and Underground Mining and Quarry Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Heavy Duty On/Off Highway Road Construction and Maintenance Vehicles

Delo Grease ESI HD EP greases are designed using high viscosity base oils. These oils offer excellent protection in severe duty, high shock load conditions where typical ambient temperatures are above freezing. It meets the requirements of the Mack MG-C grease specification.

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