Kendall L-427 Super Blu Grease

Kendall L-427 Super Blu Grease

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Kendall L-427 Super Blu Lithium Complex NLGI 2 Grease

Kendall L-427 Super Blu grease is a high-quality, multipurpose, extreme-pressure (EP) lithium complex grease developed for the lubrication of automotive and industrial equipment operating under heavy loads and at moderate to high temperatures. It is NLGI GC-LB certified for use as a multipurpose automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricant.

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This products also has the following benefits: 


  • Excellent performance over a wide temperature range 
  • High load-carrying capacity 
  • Excellent wear protection 
  • Protects against rust and corrosion 
  • Excellent resistance to water washout 
  • NLGI GC-LB certified 



  • Wheel bearings of passenger cars, trucks, high-performance vehicles, sport utility vehicles and motorcycles, particularly vehicles with disc brakes 
  • Ball joints, universal joints, other chassis parts and water pumps on passenger cars, trucks and other mobile equipment 
  • Heavily loaded plain and rolling-element bearings in industrial and mobile equipment 

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  • 5
    14oz tubes

    Posted by Dave Bean on Jun 06 2023

    super-blu has been my driveline choice fro decades. shipped to arrive unbent now. super service/ great product

  • 5
    excellent performance

    Posted by James Charney on Jun 03 2023

    Excellent performance for agricultural applications

  • 5
    Kendall SuperBlue

    Posted by Joseph Zech on Mar 27 2023

    As master mechanic for a construction it was my duty to yearly inspect the grease for contamination on the ROTAX ring gear and the grease was always broken down and not adhering to the gear surfaces..would use a large putty knife to scrape up the dirty almost liquid grease in small increments of rotation on large can imagine how filthy a job that was...15 excavators yearly would overwhelm my frustration level. Tried a lot of different lubes..molybdenum etc. even synthetic out of lube supply and found an old 5# pail of Kendal used that thinking I would keep a close eye on its performance being ot was probably 10 or so years old ..problem solved !! After a season of hard use the blue grease was still adhering and thick consistency as when first applied...I live where 9 Mos. Of the year the temp never drops below 100 degrees F.. and have highly touted synthetic greases run out of the gun like water..Love Kendall Super Blue and am very appreciative to have found a supplier in PSC..retired now but still rely on Blue to maintain my tractors and vehicles

  • 5
    L-427 Kendall blu grease

    Posted by Stuart Wolford on Nov 18 2021

    Best grease on the market for the price.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott on Apr 16 2021

    I have been using Kendall products for more than 48 years, the quality , is outstanding. I used Kendall in racing ,farming ,towing ,street cars . Thanks for your support of fine performance oils

  • 5
    L 427 grease

    Posted by Christopher on Dec 24 2020

    Recommend by the professional there. Great product, great price, fast service

  • 5
    A Great Product.

    Posted by Daniel Lenz on Jul 31 2019

    I have been using the Kendall Blue for a long time and used to be able buy it locally, now I can't find it, researching it on the internet found your Company, now I have a place to but Kendall.

  • 5
    Best Grease!

    Posted by None on Aug 21 2018

    Love this grease have used it for years on all our Forestry equipment and has always performed !!

  • 5
    Love this grease

    Posted by None on Mar 20 2018

    Love this grease have used it for years on all our Forestry Equipment.

  • 5
    Reliable product; fantastic service from PSC

    Posted by Wayne on Nov 06 2017

    I've used Super Blu since it was first sold years ago, in numerous applications. My experience has been great; top quality product that is worth the effort to find since it no longer seems to be sold by suppliers in my local area. It was great to find it available at a very reasonable price from PSC. The website and overall "attitude" projected by the company is upbeat, positive, "can do". A rare find these days, it seems. While I am now retired and don't buy as much "stuff" any more, you can be sure I will be back for any future needs for products handled by PSC. My first stop from here on out. THANKS!

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