Chevron GST Oil 32

Chevron GST Oil 32

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Chevron GST Oil 32 Premium Turbine Lubricant

Chevron GST Oil 32 is an ISO VG 32, turbine quality mineral based bearing lubricant formulated with premium base oil technology and an ashless, zinc-free formulation. It provides exceptional oxidation stability, water separability, and protection against rust and corrosion. Higher temperatures in advanced gas and steam turbines require circulating system oil with exceptional high temperature stability. Chevron GST Oil 32 has outstanding thermal and oxidation stability.

This product meets or exceeds the following requirements:

ASTM D4304 Type I, British Standard 489, DIN 51515, General Electric GEK-32568j, GEK 28143A, GEK-46506D, GEK-27070, Solar ES 9 224, Alstom Power HTGD 90117, Siemens TLV 90130, Siemens Westinghouse M spec 55125Z

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