Chevron Meropa 150 | 400 Pound Drum

Chevron Meropa 150 | 400 Pound Drum
460.00 LBS

Previously known as Texaco Meropa 150, Chevron’s Meropa 150, 400 pound drum, is an extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricant that is designed to increase the efficiency of industrial, enclosed gear sets wherein an AGMA 4 EP lubricant is specified.

This product, primarily used in industrial gearboxes, contains a unique additive package and exceptional base oils which make it an ideal general-purpose lubricant for situations in which an extreme-pressure lubricant is required. Meropa 150 satisfies the following requirements: AGMA EP 9005-E02, DIN 51517-3 (CLP) and MAG Cincinnati, Cincinnati Machine P-77. This lubricant is an outstanding performer in wear-reduction and transfer of power and may be used in Bijur oil application equipment.

Performance Characteristics

  • Increase efficiency in gear sets
  • Extend equipment life
  • Multi-purpose lubricant
  • High resistance to oil oxidation


Chevron Meropa 150 is a premium-quality industrial EP gear lubricant that may be used exclusively in gearboxes or its use may be extended throughout industrial plants. This lubricant features an excellent water separation quality and effective rust inhibitors to keep internal components of industrial machinery clean and corrosion free. This oil is highly resistant to oxidation which allows it to maintain its viscosity over long periods in time without a decrease in performance.

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