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DINITROL High Performance Wax, Trasparent, Water Displacing Low Viscosity Liquid Corrosion Preventitive Coating

DINITROL High Performance Wax is a transparent beige, water repelling, high penetrating, low viscous wax for application and corrosion preventative coating on vehicles such as trucks and busses but also to reinforce the corrosion resistance of machines and other equipment susceptible to corrosion.
This waxy and dry film is resistant to temperatures up to 180°C and makes this product suitable for use on interior applications, in cavities, engine compartments and on engine hoods.

DINITROL High Performance Wax is designed specifically for maximum penetration into crevices, joints, and rust-prone areas of vehicles, forming a protective wax barrier preventing various types of damage in hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle's body and frame.
Formulated with self-healing properties, the product becomes a semi fluid coating that is hard and firm on the surface and slightly fluid underneath, so surface scrapes to the coating will cause the coating to move to fill the area to provide a continuous coat.

DINITROL High Performance Wax is commonly used by car owners, enthusiasts, and professionals for suitable applications like vehicle manufacturing, work shops, body shops, metal working industries, and/or ship yards.
With no dripping one hour after application, applying this low viscosity wax can support maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of the your vehicles and other equipment exposed to corrosion.

Use Method:

  • Can be applied with light airless tools with special extension tubes with nozzles or with an air gun or pressure cup gun with an air pressure of 3 - 6 bar.
  • If required, the product can also be tipped, rolled or painted.
  • Depending on the application, the product can be diluted with a solvent.
  • Can be sprayed haze free and does not drip.


  • Surfaces to be applied shall be as clean, dry, and corrosion free as possible.
  • Remove any loose corrosion.

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet (Spray)
Safety Data Sheet

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