Fuchs Renolin B 22 HVI

Fuchs Renolin B 22 HVI

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Fuchs Renolin B High Quality Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 22 with High Viscosity Index 

Fuchs Renolin B 22 HVI (High-Viscosity Index) is a high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated on the basis of highly ageing-resistant base oils containing additives that further increase the aging resistance. Fuchs Renolin B 22 HVI is a zinc-containing HVLP hydraulic and general lubricating oil according to DIN 51524-3: Mineral oil-based, demulsifying. Benefits include Low foaming tendency, good air release properties, high ageing resistance, good corrosion protection, great viscosity-temperature-behavior, very good wear protection, high viscosity index, wide service temperature change, and good shear stability. 


This is used as hydraulic oil and as lubricating oil for various applications such as bearings and gear boxes, especially when a high viscosity index and good load carrying capacity is required. Especially recommended for applications where a low start-up viscosity at low temperatures and a higher viscosity at higher temperatures is required. Particularly they are well suited for applications in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems with wide ambient and service temperature ranges.  


  • DIN 51524-3: HVLP 
  • ISO 6743-4: HV;
  • Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S  
  • Cincinnati Milacron P68, P69, P70 
  • US Steel 127, 136

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