Gulf Rock Drill Oil 320

Gulf Rock Drill Oil 320
Gulf Lubricants

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Gulf ISO VG 320 Rockdrill & Pneumatic Tool Lubricant

Gulf Rock Drill Oil 320 is a high-performing rock drill oil formulated with high-quality paraffinic base oils and a specially tailored non-chlorinated additive package to provide excellent protection for pneumatic percussion tools. This tool lubricant is also formulated to provide superior performance in air-powered equipment with high-quality base oil and premium additive systems, maximum protection from component wear in severe service conditions, provide a highly tenacious film of lubrication on cylinder walls and other critical components.

Performance characteristics

  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces in moisture-filled environments
  • Excellent extreme-pressure properties
  • Protects from wear/seizure
  • Good foam resistance
  • Resistant to dripping/leakage and low fogging tendency 
  • Low odor
  • Good thermal stability and oxidation resistance
  • Lighter color to provide good visibility of slideways


  • Mining equipment i.e. demolition hammer, chipping hammers, and drifters.
  • Pneumatic percussion tools i.e. jackhammers, pavement breakers, and rock drills.
  • Enclosed industrial gearboxes where leakage is a problem.

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