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High Performance

High-performance Greases are formulated to lubricate, protect, and seal machine and engine components that are subject to high workloads, pressures, and temperatures. These greases contain unique additive blends that contribute to their ability to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures.

High-performing greases often contain extreme-pressure (EP) additives to ensure the extended service of these lubricants and enhance their ability to stay in place and continue operating at their intended high levels.

Though these greases are generally intended to address the needs of machinery operating at extreme temperatures, some are particularly suited to operate regardless of temperature fluctuation and function well at start-up and throughout operation. PSC's selection of High Performance Greases include high temperature greases and greases with EP additives.

Select a Product Category Below
  • Castrol Pyroplex Blue 2

  • Castrol Pyroplex Red EP 2

  • Chevron Delo Greases ESI

  • Sunoco HD Lithium Complex 3% Moly EP Grease

  • Sunoco Tacky Red #2 Grease

  • Mobil Delvac Xtreme Service Grease

  • Mobilgrease CM-P

  • Mobilgrease CM-S

  • Mobilgrease XHP 222

  • Mobilgrease XHP 221

  • Mobiltemp SHC 32 Grease

  • Kendall L-427 Super Blu

  • Phillips 66 Multiplex Red No. 2

  • Phillips 66 Multiplex Red No. 1

  • Phillips 66 Megaplex XD5 No. 2

  • Phillips 66 Megaplex XD3 No. 2

  • Phillips 66 Megaplex XD3 No. 1

  • Phillips 66 Dynalife HT No. 1

  • Phillips 66 Dynalife HT No. 2

  • Autoguard Hi-Temp NLGI 2 Grease