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Experience undercoating like you never have before with Undercoating In A Can's collection of informational and demonstrative videos, blog posts, and information sheets tailored to enhance your experience. With over 50 years of industry expertise, trust Undercoating In A Can to provide the perfect coating solution for any automotive or commercial need.


Undercoat Your Vehicle with the QUIKCOAT EZ SPRAYER!

Upgrade your undercoating applicator with the Quikcoat EZ Sprayer and Black Wax Quik Change Quarts! Discover how this easy to use tool ensures effortless application and unmatched efficiency. You'll see the convenience and precision that makes every job a walk in the park. Get ready to transform the way you undercoat your vehicle.

Introducing the Undercoating In A Can QUIKCOAT EZ SPRAYER

The QUIKCOAT EZ Sprayer is an all-metal spray gun designed for Undercoating in a Can pre-filled QUIK CHANGE Quart Bottles. This gun has an adjustable nozzle allowing the user to control the product flow and pattern. This is a cost-effective and convenient way to apply automotive undercoating to all transportation...

QuickCoat EZ Sprayer | Set-Up Guide

QUIKCOAT EZ Sprayer is an all metal spray gun that is designed for use with Undercoating in a Can pre-filled QUIK CHANGE Quart Bottles. This gun is equipped with an adjustable nozzle allowing the user to control the product flow and pattern. This is a cost effective and convenient way to apply automotive undercoating to all...

QuikCoat EZ Sprayer | Clean Up Guide

John goes over the simple cleaning process for our new undercoating accessory, the QuikCoat EZ Sprayer.

Which Type of Undercoating Do I Need?

The state of your vehicle frame will vary, so it's important to use the right Undercoating in a Can product for your needs. Find out if wax, rubberized, oil, or another form of undercoating is optimal for your ride.

Clear Fluid Coat vs. Fluid Film - Which is better?

Oil Based Automotive Undercoatings are an effective short term way to protect vehicles against damage caused by salt, liquid de-icers and other corrosive conditions. These thin film oil rust preventative coating have the added advantage of creeping into tight seems and crevices eliminating moisture and corrosion as...

Wax-Based Aerosol Undercoating

Petroleum Service Company's Joe and John speak with Industrial Paints & Coatings Expert David Thompson about the merits of a brand-new, wax-based undercoating in an aerosol spray can that is unlike anything seen before in the industry.

Ford F-150 Supercrew Application

David and John walk us through the application of Undercoating in a Can on Mike's Ford F-150 Supercrew.

Beyond the Can

We're proud to announce our proprietary undercoating formula, Undercoating in a Can, will now be available in several sizes from pints up to 55 gallon drums! We brought in our Vice President of Industrial Coatings and Applications Expert Dave Thompson to talk a bit about our offering and our brand new, compressed air sprayer!

QUIKCOAT Precision Sprayer Demonstration

John & David stop by Forty Fort Lube in Forty Fort, PA to demonstrate the versatility of the QUIKCOAT Precision Sprayer by Undercoating in a Can. This undercoating spray gun features a state of the art design and was built for the flow characteristics of Undercoating in a Can...

Undercoating A Custom Ford F-350

If you plan on customizing your truck or vehicle with an upfit, undercoating in a can is a great addition to make sure your vehicle is protected and looks great. In this, David & John discuss what upfitting is, as well as demonstrate how Undercoating in a Can will help you during your upfit project.

RV Undercoating Guide

In this video, John joins Jim and coatings expert David to apply undercoating in a can to the RV (using nothing but our cans with included trigger handle). They also discuss the major spots to look for rust formation, as well as WHY you might be seeing rust form in some spots faster than others in your RV motorhome.

Wet Film Thickness Gauge

John and David demonstrate how the Wet Film Thickness Gauge works when testing for Mil Thickness with Undercoating in a Can. This handy gauge then allows you test the wet coating. It reads in either 1 to 80 MIL Scale or 20 to 2000 Micron Scale. If you want to ensure proper corrosion protection without wasting product, you should...

Undercoating in a Can "Original" Black Wax Coating

Undercoating In A Can Black Wax Coating is a rust preventative sealant. It is a wax based coating that is cutback with a solvent that assist in a quicker drying time than you would normally find with similar coatings that are cutback with water. Undercoating In A Can Black Wax Coating is designed to provide the ultimate...

Create Instant Rust & Protect Against It

In this episode, Joe & John decide to submerge a metal substrate in a rust-making solution and see how well Undercoating in a Can stands up to the harsh mixture. Though they succeed at creating instant rust (it's easy), they may or may not have done too well to put a chink in Undercoating in a Can's armor.

Ultimate Protection At Your Fingertips

Undercoating in a Can is perfect for your car, truck, tractor trailer, RV, and so much more. Packed in an easy-to-spray aerosol can, it's great for touching up or fully coated rust protection. The wax-based formulation encapsulates rust and prevents it from spreading. Try it for yourself today.

Undercoating in a Can Testimonial

Forty Fort Lube owner Joe Kristan is greeted by John & David from Petroleum Service Company to demonstrate the Quikcoat Precision Sprayer and its ability to quickly undercoat the bodies of cars, trucks, and much more.


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