Morse MORplug Drum Bung Plug Wrench

Morse MORplug Drum Bung Plug Wrench

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Morse MORPlug Ductile Iron Drum Bung Plug Wrench with Blue Paint Coat

Morse MORPlug Drum Bung Plug Wrench is an expertly engineered tool made of ductile iron and coated in a durable blue paint.

Meticulously designed with a diverse array of surfaces and shapes to effortlessly open or tighten a wide range of drum bung plug sizes and materials. Ensuring compatibility with both steel and plastic drums, this versatile drum plug wrench offers a reliable solution for virtually any drum you encounter. 

Durable Ductile Iron One-Piece Construction

  • MORPlug Drum Bung Plug Wrench is a solid one-piece construction of ductile iron which gives this quality drum handler enhanced durability overall.

Designed with A Generous Length of 15.5 in.

  • Gives extra leverage to apply sufficient force and torque, to easily turn the bungs and break the seals with minimal effort.
  • Provides users with increased hand clearance during use to fit into tight spaces and reach the bungs effectively and without issue.  


NOTE: ONLY for use with NON-flammable materials.

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