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NOX-RUST VCI 105 Water-Displacing, Contact and Volatile Corrosion-Inhibited Lubricating Preservative Oil 

NOX-RUST VCI 105 is a premium contact and volatile corrosion inhibiting compound formulated to provide protection for engines and parts subjected to harmful airborne elements.

NOX-RUST VCI 105 is a contact preservative and corrosion inhibiting lubricating oil designed for use as a long-term preservative/additive to combat damaging rust within what are referred to as “closed” systems or voids.
A closed system being any compartment that has limited air and moisture such as fuel/storage tanks, cylinders, transmissions, gear housings, clutch compartments, metal containers, and crankcases to name a few.

To ensure maximum effectiveness for this preservative oil, the protected enclosed space must essentially be airtight to avoid volatile product leakage.
NOX-RUST VCI 105 is a light viscosity fogging oil ideal for conditions where the volatile components provide protection above the oil level, also working effectively as a contact preservative.

This high-quality preservative oil provides your enclosed system material with incredible dual-layered protection from direct contact corrosion below the oil level through contact inhibitors and a protective atmosphere above the oil level from the vaporized rust inhibitors spread throughout the system.

Product Uses

  • Contact and Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Preservative Oil designed for use as a preservative oil for enclosed systems i.e., fuel/ storage tanks, cylinders, transmissions, gear housings, clutch compartments, crankcases, as well as hydraulic and coolant circulation systems where the volatile components will provide protection above the oil level and contact inhibitors protect the metal surface below the oil level.
  • Provides an effective contact preservative film.
  • Conventional lubricating or preservative oils slushed or fogged into systems will drain away from the vertical metal surfaces in about 6 months, exposing the metal to moisture, condensation, and corrosion. While it also drains away, the vaporizing rust inhibitors evolving from the product spread throughout the void or system and neutralize the corrosion-causing tendency of the moisture present in the air. NOX-RUST VCI 105, being highly fortified with contact inhibitors, also protects the metal below the oil level.
  • Beneficial for winter storage of farm and road building equipment, summer storage of school buses and snowplows, and protecting unpainted auto and truck body sections during shipping by fogging it into shipping cases.  
  • Can be used full strength in systems with ferrous (iron-containing) metals only while non-ferrous (no-iron) metals require NOX-RUST VCI 105 to be diluted to 2% or less, depending on present metals.
  • NOT recommended for outdoor exposure.
  • NOT intended for use as an operational preservative oil and should avoid being used in applications where rubber components are present.

Product Performance:

  • Covers 5,000 square ft. per gallon when applied at the recommended film thickness of 0.3 mils.
  • Can provide up to 1 year of protection on metal substrates in an enclosed system at the recommended dry film thickness (DFT).

Application Equipment Recommendations: 

  • NOX-RUST VCI 105 may be applied by spray and dip applied, or poured into an enclosed system.

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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