RADCOLUBE 17331, 2190 TEP

RADCOLUBE 17331, 2190 TEP

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RADCOLUBE 17331 (2190 TEP) Turbine Oil

RADCOLUBE 17331 is a military approved Hydraulic Fluid meeting MIL-PRF-17331L Specification as well as Nato Code 0-250. RADCOLUBE 17331 is a 2190 TEP marine lubricant intended for use in main and auxiliary turbines and gears, air compressors and certain hydraulic equipment as well as for general mechanical lubrication.


National Stock Number: 9150-01-123-3152

Military Specification: MIL-PRF-17331L

Nato Code: 0-250

Qualification Number: Ser 05S/2019-028 

Qualification Date: 02/22/2019



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