Shell Morlina S3 BA 220

Shell Morlina S3 BA 220
Shell Lubricants

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Shell Morlina S3 BA 220 Rust and Oxidation Inhibited Bearing Oil

Shell Morlina S3 BA 220 lubricating oil is a premium quality rust & oxidation inhibited lubricating oil that provides excellent lubrication in MORGOIL® bearing & steel mill circulating systems. They are designed to have appropriate viscosity/temperature characteristics, low foaming tendencies, and excellent water separation properties.  In addition, they protect equipment against corrosion and oil oxidation resulting in long service life. They meet the requirements of the Morgan and Danieli for super demulsibility applications.


MORGOIL type bearing systems, heavily contaminated lubrication systems, plain and rolling element bearings, industrial gear boxes

Features & Benefits

Long oil life, excellent rust & corrosion protection, enhancing system efficiency


  • Morgan MORGOIL Lubricant Spec Rev 1.1,  
  • Morgan MORGOIL Lubricant Spec Rev 2.4,
  • DIN 51517-1 Type C,
  • DIN 51517-1 Type CL,
  • AGMA 9005,
  • Danieli Standard Oil 6.12429F,
  • Danieli Super Demulsibility Oil 6.12429F


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