Sunoco HD Lithium Complex 3% Moly EP Grease | 40/14 Ounce Tubes

Sunoco HD Lithium Complex 3% Moly EP Grease | 40/14 Ounce Tubes
41.00 LBS

Sunoco HD Lithium Complex 3% Moly EP Grease in 40/14 Ounce Tubes are a high-performance, multipurpose, extreme-pressure, lithium complex grease developed for the severe lubrication requirements of construction and off-road equipment manufactured by all major equipment manufacturers. It is particularly recommended for use in all equipment operating under heavy or shock loads, including wheel loaders, motor graders and bulldozers.


Designed for chassis parts and wheel bearings of construction, mining and other heavy mobile equipment, as well as constant-velocity joints, universal joints, brake self adjusting screws and clutch release bearings on heavy equipment. It can be used on tractor-trailer fifth wheels, heavily-loaded plain and rolling-element bearings in industrial and mobile equipment where there is a need for a high temperature, extreme-pressure grease with 3% molybdenum disulfide. 

Features & Benefits

Sunoco HD Lithium Complex 3% Moly EP Grease in 40/14 Ounce Tubes are manufactured with high-quality, viscous base oils, special polymers, and a lithium complex soap thickener. It contains 3% molybdenum disulfide, tackifier, EP and antiwear additives, and rust and oxidation inhibitors. It provides excellent corrosion and wear protection and is highly resistant to water washout in equipment operating under heavy shock loading and under wet conditions. 

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    Great product-- Great price

    Posted by Tim on Mar 11 2019

    My previous supplier of 3% moly grease decided to raise their price by 33% I decided to shop... I was delighted to find PSC and liked their price.. Even including shipping it was a major saving for me.. Thanks Again...

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