Tectyl 351S

Tectyl 351S

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Tectyl 351S Environmentally Friendly, Water Base, Black Asphalt Emulsion Corrosion Preventive Undercoating with Sound Deadening Capabilities

Tectyl 351S is a premium water base, asphalt emulsion corrosion compound formulated for complete undercoating of both ferrous (iron-containing) and non-ferrous (no-iron) metals and transportation equipment.
This asphalt rustproofing undercoating is typically applied to the undercarriage of a vehicle where the asphalt forms a durable barrier that provides impressive sound deadening capabilities and long-lasting surface protection for metals from corrosive elements like rust, moisture, or road chemicals.

Tectyl 351S is a water base asphalt emulsion undercoating that uses water as a solvent rather than petroleum distillates like traditional asphalt emulsion undercoating.
This quality, water base formulation creates a much more environmentally friendly rustproofing option, drastically reducing chemical toxicity and odors for increased safety during use, as well as delivering a considerably faster drying time for quick use of the coated equipment or surfaces.

This enduring, water-resistant asphalt emulsion undercoating will cure to form a firm, resilient, matte black textured protective film that provides incredible sound deadening capabilities and expertly prevents corrosive elements from coming into contact with the protected surface.
Tectyl 351S is a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure durable and environmentally friendly, rust and corrosion prevention for your prized metal equipment.

Product Uses:

  • Matte Black, Abrasion Resistant, Asphalt Emulsion coating designed for the complete undercoating ferrous (iron-containing)/non-ferrous (no-iron) metals of transportation equipment, automobiles, concrete vaults, as well as trailer and modular home chassis frames.
  • Provides substantial sound deadening capabilities.
  • Used to coat the interior and bottom of steel commercial, industrial trash, and roll off containers.
  • Additionally, can be used to coat and effectively protect sewage pipes.
  • Formulated with ZERO (0) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) for minimal environmental impact.
  • The cured dry film is not typically intended for removal but a totally cured film can be removed with the use of aliphatic mineral spirits.

Product Performance:

  • When applied at the recommended wet film thickness of 20-24 mils over the surface profile, it will deposit the recommended dry film thickness (DFT) of 8-10 mils.
  • Dry-to-touch in 30-45 minutes and fully cured in 16-24 hours.
  • Covers 79 square ft. per gallon when applied at the recommended film thickness.
  • Can provide up to 2 years of outdoor protection and 3 years of indoor protection on metal substrates at the recommended dry film thickness (DFT).

Application Equipment Recommendations: 

  • Pumps with ratios of 15:1 or greater are advised for efficient use of container content.
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzles Tip in the spray gun is recommended. (.021" to .025" tip orifice size)
  • High Pressure Fluid Hose of no less than 3/8 in. diameters is suggested for less than 50 ft. of material hose.
  • Low Ratio pumps (15-30:1): operate through 100 ft. of 1/2 in & 50 ft. of 3/8 in. hose for a max of 150 ft.
  • High Ratio pumps(>30:1): operate through 200 ft. of 1/2 in & 50 ft. of 3/8 in. hose for a max of 250 ft. 

Identification & Classification Codes/Numbers:

  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):
    • EAR99
  • Schedule B:
    • 3911.90.00.00

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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  • 5
    worked great and stuck like glue to rust

    Posted by Robert J Gailie on May 08 2023

    great product !! sticks like glue to rust. excellent coverage. must buy 5 gallons to make the price work. 5 gallons $ 77.50. 1 gallon $ 109.. ??

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