Tectyl 4033

Tectyl 4033

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Tectyl 4033 Self-Healing, Non-Flammable, Water-Based & Water-Displacing Black Underbody Corrosion Preventive Wax Coating Free of Hazardous Air Pollutants

Tectyl 4033 is a premium, water-based, thixotropic black corrosion preventive underbody wax designed to provide exceptional levels of corrosion protection and weathering for a variety of automotive underbody surfaces and industrial applications.
This premium water-based underbody coating is recommended ideally for use in the transportation industry as an undercoating for metal and wood surfaces, compatible with both new and used transportation equipment such as automobiles, trailers, last mile cargo trucks, and delivery vans.

When subjected to minor damage, Tectyl 4033’s waxy and non-tacky cured dry film can heal itself, displaying increased longevity and performance through the powerful water-resistant capabilities of its wax-like film when compared to asphalt-based coatings, being completely impervious to moisture-based corrosion 90 minutes after application.
This high quality, black corrosion inhibiting underbody coating can be applied over top previously coated surfaces and demonstrates excellent adhesion to numerous wood, metal, and plastic materials typically found on various transportation equipment.

This non-flammable, water-repelling underbody wax is formulated with an extremely low Volatile Organic Compound/Content (VOC) of just 0.6 lbs. per gallon and is completely free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) making it suitable for numerous workplace applications.
Tectyl 4033 is a superior black corrosion preventive wax film designed to supply automotive underbodies with maximized corrosion prevention through intense water displacement, self-healing capabilities, and an environmentally friendly formulation.

Product Uses:

  • Black Water-based, Corrosion Preventive Wax Coating formulated to provide increased protection on a variety of transportation equipment underbodies.
  • Can be applied over new and used equipment including automobiles, trailers, last mile cargo trucks and delivery vans.
  • Performs exceptionally well over steel, wood, plastic, as well as various other substrates typically found on the underside of automotive transportation equipment.
  • Higher level of corrosion protection and prevention compared to basic asphalt-based underbody coatings.
  • Formulated to have NO Flash Point and is Nonflammable, allowing for versatile workplace applications.
  • Completely free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs Free) and formulated with an exceptionally low Volatile Organic Compounds/Content (VOC) of only 0.6 lbs. per gallon minus water.

Product Performance:

  • When applied at the recommended wet film thickness of 12-10 mils over the surface profile, it will deposit the recommended dry film thickness (DFT) of 3-4 mils.
  • Covers 100-141 square ft. per gallon when applied at the recommended dry film thickness.
  • Dry to touch in 24 hours and completely cured in 7 days.
  • Can provide up to 4+ years of outdoor protection and 6+ years of indoor storage protection on metal substrates at the recommended dry film thickness (DFT).

Application Equipment Recommendations: 

  • Can be applied via conventional rustproofing equipment.
  • Airless Pumps with ratios of 10:1 or greater that can deliver 80-120 psi to a 0.017-0.025 reverse-a-clean tip are advised for efficient use of container content.

Identification & Classification Codes/Numbers:

  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):
    • EAR99
  • Schedule B:
    • 3911.90.00.00

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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