Tectyl 437D

Tectyl 437D

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Tectyl 437D Tan-Opaque, 130°F Minimum Hot Application Soft-Film Wax Corrosion Preventive Compound QPL Approved Under Military Specification, MIL-C-11796C, Class 3

Tectyl 437D is a Qualified Products Listed (QPL) for Govt. Designation MIL-C-11796C, Class 3, QPL Reference Number M-6154.
This specification covers a suitably formulated petrolatum-base, corrosion preventive compound. Class 3 classification specifies a ‘soft film’ corrosion preventive compound.

Tectyl 437D is a soft, lubricating, 130°F minimum hot application, grease-like wax corrosion preventive compound delivering incredible protection against high humidity and salt air corrosion for both ferrous (iron-containing) and non-ferrous (no-iron) metals.
This non-hardening lubricant soft-film coating is formulated specifically for hot application to surfaces with a temperature of at least 130°F for optimal product flow properties while retaining low temperature flexibility. Additionally, its molten state (162°F-190°F) delivers enhanced adhesion and improved penetration for reaching hard-to-reach crevices on metal surfaces.

Free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), this premium hot application lubricating grease forms a thin, tan, semi-firm wax-like film that is stable against oxidation when exposed to moisture/oxygen in the air and provides a powerful barrier against atmospheric corrosion.
Tectyl 437D delivers maximized rust prevention and quality lubrication to moving metal parts, keeping your equipment in optimal condition even under the most extreme conditions and in the harshest environments.

Product Uses:

  • Soft, Tan-Colored Opaque, 130°F-162°F Hot Application, Corrosion Preventive Compound protects ferrous/non-ferrous (iron-containing/no-iron) metals for highly machined or polished parts from corrosion when exposed to high temperature environments and atmospheric corrosive conditions.
  • Formulated to fulfill the requirements of Qualified Products Listed (QPL) for Govt. designation MIL-C-11796C, Class 3, QPL Reference Number M-6154.
  • Formulated with ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) for minimal environmental impact.
  • Soft Lubricating grease is also great for protecting ball and roller bearings.
  • Wax film is extremely stable against oxidation, retaining flexibility and avoids rigidness in low temperature environments.
  • Provides substantial protection for void spaces by the military on Naval Ships and submarines.
  • Can be used to protect firearms during shipment and in storage.
  • Protects as a rust preventive lubricant for axles, differentials, transmission shackle bolts and other similar parts.
  • May be used as a pressure-gun lubricant for bearings of machines in use as well as storage.
  • Removal can be performed via vapor degreasing or high-pressure steam cleaning.
  • Close similarity in performance and application to Cosmoline wax-like petrolatum-based corrosion inhibitors.

Product Performance:

  • When applied at the recommended wet film thickness of 1.5-2 mils over the surface profile, it will deposit the recommended dry film thickness of 1.5 mils.
  • Covers 145 square ft. per pound (lbs.) when applied at the recommended film thickness.
  • Can provide up to 1 year of outdoor and 3 years of indoor or undercover protection on metal substrates at the recommended dry film thickness (DFT).
  • Can increase protection period to 1 year of outdoor or 10 years of indoor protection at 50 mils.
  • Ideally applied to surfaces at the suggested High Temperature Flow Point minimum of 130°F.
  • Increased flow properties when molten/liquid state is reached at Melting Point of 162°F.
  • Maximum temperature for application via dipping is 180°F as dripping will occur once that temperature is exceeded.

Application Equipment Recommendations: 

  • Pumps with ratios of 30:1 or greater are advised for efficient use of container content.
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzles Tip in the spray gun is recommended. (.019" to .023" tip orifice size)
  • High Pressure Fluid Hose of no less than 3/8 in. diameters is suggested for less than 50 ft. of material hose.
  • Low Ratio pumps (30:1): operate through 100 ft. of 1/2 inch & 50 ft. of 3/8 inch hose for a max of 150 ft.
  • High Ratio pumps(>30:1): operate through 200 ft. of 1/2 inch & 50 ft. of 3/8 inch hose for a max of 250 ft.
  • Can be applied in the hot molten/liquid state (160°F-190°F) by hot airless spray or dip.
  • Can be applied at warm, ambient temperatures by brush or swab. 

Identification & Classification Codes/Numbers:

  • National Stock Numbers (NSN):
    • Class 3:
      • 8030-00-285-1570 : 35 lb. Pail
      • 8030-00-231-2353 : 5 lb. Can
      • 8030-00-598-5915 : 1 Pint Can
  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):
    • EAR99
  • Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE CODE):
    • 0Y4S8
  • Schedule B:
    • 3911.90.00.00

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet
Tectyl MIL-C-11796C and MIL-PRF-18487A Approved Hot-Applied Corrosion Preventives and Sealing Compounds

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