Tectyl 437D

Tectyl 437D

0.00 LBS

Tectyl 437D, is a hot application corrosion preventive compound which provides an effective barrier against atmospheric corrosion. 

The film is semi-firm, tan in color, and opaque and is covered under Military Specification MIL-C-11796C, Class 3, QPL Reference Number M-6154. 

Surface Preparation: The maximum performance of this product can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry, and free of rust, oil, and mill scale. Daubert Chemical Company recommends that the metal substrate temperature be 50 - 95F (10 - 35C) at the time of product application. 
Application: This coating should be applied to clean, dry metal surfaces in the hot (molten) state by hot airless spray or dip. (See application temperatures under Lab Data.) It may be applied at warm, ambient temperatures by brush or swab. 

Removal: This product can be removed by Tectyl HPS, vapor degreasing, or with high pressure steam cleaning. 

NOTE: The addition of any product over or under this coating is not recommended. The use of additional coatings could result in chemical incompatibility, thus adversely affecting the performance of this coating as stated in the lab data section. If a product other than Daubert Chemical Company's recommended product is required, written authorization must be obtained from Daubert Chemical Company, Inc.

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