Tectyl 930E2

Tectyl 930E2

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Tectyl 930E2 Internal Combustion Preservative Engine Oil & Corrosion Preventive QPL Approved Meeting MIL-PRF-21260E, SAE Grade 30

Tectyl 930E2 is a Qualified Product Listed (QPL) for Govt. Designation MIL-PRF-21260E; SAE Grade 30, QPL Reference Number MP-433.
This specification covers engine oils suitable for preservation, break-in, and lubrication of reciprocating internal combustion engines of both spark-ignition and compression-ignition types.

Tectyl 930E2 is a high-quality, internal combustion engine oil and corrosion preventive compound formulated to provide valuable, long-term protection of metal surfaces for all new and rebuilt engines.

Tectyl 930E2 premium preservative engine oil has a translucent and oily film that will not corrode copper-lead alloy bearings, metals, and will neutralize the corrosive effects of acid.

Product Uses

  • Translucent, Corrosion Inhibiting Internal Combustion Preservative Engine Oil approved under Military Specification MIL-PRF-21260E; SAE Grade 30, designed for competently protecting engine parts during indoor storage and covered shipment.
  • Qualified Products Listed (QPL) for military specification MIL-PRF-21260E, compatible with any lubricating oils qualified under MIL-PRF-21260, MIL-PRF-2104, MIL-PRF-46167, and MIL-L-46152E.
  • Cummins specified preservative oil for diesel generators with the HPI Fuel System that will be in storage or inactive without exercise for a period of 24-60 months.
  • This product replaces Tectyl 930E.

Product Performance:

  • Completely operational oil for current production engines meeting the requirements of MIL-PRF-21260E and need not be changed until after the first scheduled oil change specified by the engine manufacturer.
  • Can Provide up to 5 years of indoor or undercover protection.

Application Equipment Recommendations: 

  • Should be used as a factory fill and break-in oil for new and rebuilt engines.

Useful Identification & Classification Numbers/Codes:

  • National Stock Numbers (NSN):
    • 9150-00-111-021055 Gallon Drum
    • 9150-00-111-02095 Gallon Pail

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization Code (NATO Code):
    • C-642

  • Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGE Code):
    • 0Y4S8

  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):
    • EAR99

  • Schedule B:
    • 3811.90.00.00

For additional product information as well as storage and handling requirements, refer to the Product Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet provided on this page.

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Safety Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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