Tectyl HPS

Tectyl HPS

0.00 LBS

Tectyl HPS, is a high performance solvent designed for the dilution and removal of Tectyl solvent-borne coatings and may also be used for the pre-cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates and spray equipment. 

This product is formulated to be used as supplied. 

✓ - Ambient/product temp at time of application: 50 - 95F. 
✓ - Use only in an outdoor or well-vented area. 
✓ - May be used on painted surfaces.* 
✓ - Formulated to remove most Tectyl coatings. 


  • Store product at temperatures between 50-95F (10-35C). 

Caution: Adequate ventilation is required during use to ensure against formation of a combustible atmosphere. This product should not be exposed to ignition sources such as flares, flames, sparks, excessive heat, or torches. Refer to Daubert's Safety Data Sheet for additional handling information.

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