Thermal Charge EG

Thermal Charge EG

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Thermal Charge EG, Inhibited Ethylene Glycol-Based, Nonflammable Heat Transfer Fluid with Fluorescent Pink Leak Detection Dye

Thermal Charge EG is an inhibited ethylene glycol (EG) based heat transfer fluid formulated for your process heating and secondary cooling applications, while also protecting against freezing and bursting pipes for a variety of ice making, de-icing, defrosting, and dehumidifying applications.
Thermal Charge EG utilizes corrosion inhibitor technology that passivates metallic surfaces, making them unreactive by altering the surface layer with a thin inert layer.

This fluorescent pink heat transfer fluid is designed with superior fouling/corrosion resistance, constructed to neutralize degradation components, prevent drops in pH, and provide freeze protection in temperatures as low as -60°F (-51°C) and prevents bursting pipes up to -100°F (-73°C). 

Thermal Charge EG's is nonflammable as the flash and fire points of ethylene glycol are above the boiling point of water, whereas glycols present little fire hazard in storage or handling when mixed with water of 20% concentrations or greater.
This premium heat transfer fluid has little odor and presents itself with a dyed fluorescent pink hue that aids in detecting leaks right when they occur.

Suitable Applications:

  • Closed-Loop Water Based HVAC
  • Cooling Towers and Chillers
  • Fire Sprinkling Systems
  • Gas Dehydration Units
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Freeze Protection
  • Ice Making & Skating Rink Systems
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Secondary Loop Refrigeration
  • Snowmelt Systems
  • Trace Line Insulation & Heating
  • Water Bath Heaters

Meets performance Requirements for these Specifications:

  • ASTM D-1121
  • ASTM D-1122
  • ASTM D-1287

For additional product information, refer to the Product Data Sheet provided…

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Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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