Z-Guard 8000, 0 VOC Undercoating

Z-Guard 8000, 0 VOC Undercoating

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Z-Guard 8000, 0 VOC, Water Based Undercoating, is a black, durable, thixotropic, corrosion-preventative sealant designed as a rust-inhibiting undercoating for underbody components, containers and other metal and wood structures. The rust inhibiting sealant is a blend of petroleum base materials and organometallic complex products dispersed in Water. It is easily applied using airless spray equipment. When applied to metal or wood surfaces a barrier film is formed, thereby extending the useful life of the treated metal or wood. This product has excellent adhesion to virtually all metal or wood substrates at ambient and below-freezing temperatures. It also has the following benefits:


Color and Appearance                              Black, Viscous Liquid

Odor                                                       Slight ammonia

Weight per gallon                                    10.4+/-0.4

Solids                                                     55% by weight, 45% by Volume

Viscosity (Brookfield)                               5000 - 8000 cps @ 20 rpm, 1500 - 4000 cps @ 100 rpm

Dry Film                                                  Firm/Flexible

Wet Film                                                 No sag @ 20 - 30 mils

VOC (less Water)                                     0.0 pounds per gallon


Gravelometer ASTM D3170                       5A or better @ 0F

Corrosion Resistance ASTM B117               Pass @ 1000 hours

High Temperature Resistance                    Dry Film will not flow at Temperatures below 450F

Dry Time (12 mils wet) @ 72F                   Fully dried in 48 hours

Bend Resistance ASTM D522                      Passes 0.5 inch mandrel @ 0F





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