Berkebile 2+2 Protection First Class

Berkebile 2+2 Protection First Class

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Berkebile 2+2 Protection First Class Ultimate Rust & Corrosion Protection

Berkebile 2+2 Protection First Class is a unique solvent-free lanolin based rust preventative, lubricant, and penetrant. This product is effective in preventing oxidation and corrosion on all metals also working as a penetrating oil to penetrate metal and free rusted nuts, bolts, and parts.

Developed through years of research with a remarkable non-toxic, non-hazardous, solvent-free formula that penetrates the pores of the metal, protecting it from moisture, salt, and corrosion. It will not harm paint, synthetic rubber, or plastic. It also has long-lasting, tack-free lubrication.  Protection First Class will preserve your electrical connections, battery terminals, switches, trailers, lights, snow plow connections, and does not dry out or evaporate. This lanolin based formula ensures maximum long-lasting protection of cars, trucks, equipment, as well as heavy machinery exposed to corrosive roadway treatment chemicals and harsh operating systems. Designed to continuously keep up with modern roadway treatment processes.


  • Inexpensive Alternative to Rubberized Undercoating
  • Remains soft and self heals over time
  • Translucent film won't cover up potential damage
  • Safe for painted and plastic surfaces.
  • Prevents Dirt & Mud build up (excellent for 4x4 vehicles)
  • Lubrication is efficient even when exposed to sub-zero temperatures.

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