BlueSky Cirrus Syn PG 680

BlueSky Cirrus Syn PG 680
BlueSky Lubricants

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BlueSky Cirrus Syn PG ISO 680 Synthetic Polyglycol Gear Oil

BlueSky Cirrus Syn PG 680 is a polyglycol-based (PAG) lubricant for use in enclosed gears, bearings, and compressors where conditions demand the unique properties of this synthetic compound.

In addition to increased wear protection (when compared with conventional oil-based lubricants), this chemically engineered polyglycol-based fluid ensures enhanced performance in all aspects of lubrication. Cirrus Syn PG allows for exceptionally low friction coefficients due to its polyglycol base. This fluid is a common base stock in many synthetic, high performance gear and bearing lubricants due to its extreme-pressure performance (without the additives) - however - Cirrus Syn PG's unique formula takes it one step further in ensuring the best possible gear protection and lubrication.

Improved performance over petroleum-based oils:

  • Reduced sludge and deposit formation
  • Improved wear protection
  • Increased thermal and oxidation stability

Note: this polyglycol-based lubricant is not compatible with petroleum-based lubricants. Take special care to avoid mixing of these two fluids.

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