Chevron Aries ISO 220 | 5 Gallon Pail

Chevron Aries ISO 220 | 5 Gallon Pail

38.00 LBS

Designed for use in percussion air tools such as rock drills, Aries 220, 5 gallon pail, is a top-notch lubricant formulated for a variety of lubrication tasks.

Aries air-tool lubes are engineered from premium mineral-based oils and additives – the refined petroleum-based additives are formulated to meet the lubrication demands of rock drills. Aries 220 lubricant meets the specifications of Ingersoll-Rand Rock Drill Oil for light, medium, and heavy rock drill oils. They may also be used in jackhammers, drifters, and other air-powered tools.


Due to the compressed air used in rock drills and other similar tools, Aries lubricants are built to withstand exposure to high pressures and water contamination. Boasting an immensely powerful adhesive quality, Aries 220 resists water splashing and is not easily removed. These lubricants are also comparably low-odor and low-toxicity to many lubricants.

Performance Characteristics

  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Consistency in wet conditions
  • Ashless, chloring-free additives
  • Low Toxicity
  • Multiple-application oil


Highly-refined base oils are used to provide the high film strength and necessary performance characteristics required to serve as a lubricant in high-powered air-tools. Aries 220 lubricant has a viscosity index of 98, a flash point of 260°C, and a pour point of -24°C.

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