Chevron Cetus HiPerSYN 320 | 55 Gallon Drum

Chevron Cetus HiPerSYN 320 | 55 Gallon Drum
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460.00 LBS

Cetus HiPerSYN 320, 55 gallon drum, is a premium-quality, synthetic oil that may be used as a general purpose rust and oxidation oil, compressor oil, gear bearing oil, and a gearbox oil (provided the gearbox in question does not specify an extreme-pressure lube or compounded gear lube).

This product is proven to function exceptionally well in equipment from major OEMs including Sullair and Quincy. This H2 oil is also a versatile lubricant for widespread use across the industrial plant -- due to the high-performance synthetic base oils, this product is built to outperform mineral-based lubricants that would otherwise be used in similar applications.

Performance Characteristics

  • High-quality synthetic basestocks
  • Extends serviceable life
  • High flash point
  • Low pour point
  • HVI Oil


Cetus HiPerSYN 320 is a unique, high-quality industrial lubricant that may be used for various applications in an industrial plant – while this oil may be used across several applications, it is the only weight of the Cetus line that is applicable for use in oil-lubricated vibrating mechanisms found in Deister vibrating machines. Additionally, this high viscosity oil is capable of flowing in both high and low temperatures due to the lab-engineered synthetic formula. This product exhibits excellent resistance to foaming and has superb water separation qualities.

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