Chevron Open Gear Grease | 35 lb. Pail

Chevron Open Gear Grease | 35 lb. Pail
38.00 LBS

Chevron Open Gear Grease in a 35 Pound Pail 

Chevron Open Gear Grease is an open gear grease formulated with high viscosity mineral oils in a nonsoap-based thickener typically used in chain and open gear lubricant applications. This grease appears brownish-black and is extremely tacky. Chevron Open Gear Grease contains special functional fillers (molybdenum disulfide and graphite), which impart a long-lasting film on working surfaces. It also contains tackiness additives, wetting agents and rust inhibitors to protect metal surfaces. 


Low environmental impact — Does not contain a diluent. 

Long equipment life — High film strength provides excellent anti-wear protection to gear teeth under high, shock load conditions. 

Minimizes operating cost — Long lasting lubrication film minimizes frequency of repeated application and, therefore, overall volume of lubricant used. 

Reliability — The high dropping point, the molybdenum disulfide/graphite fillers, and the tackiness additive offer excellent protection against gear failure at elevated temperatures during severe operation. 

Flexibility to use in wet conditions — Resists rust, supporting long gear life, and assures good film strength even in a wet environment. 


Open gears in industrial, mining, construction, and marine equipment 

Chain and sprocket lubrication  

Used as a tenacious fifth wheel lubricant

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