Fuchs Renolin ZAF B 10 HT Plus LV

Fuchs Renolin ZAF B 10 HT Plus LV

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Fuchs Renolin Zinc & Ash Free B ISO VG 10 High Temperature PLUS Low Viscosity Spindle Oil and Hydraulic Fluid 

FUCHS RENOLIN ZAF B 10 HT PLUS LV is a high-performance robust zinc-and ash-free spindle oil developed for rotating spindles of machine tools/grinding machines based on select mineral oils together with additives to improve the lubricating properties, aging stability and corrosion protection with high oxidation resistance and stability, even in the presence of water. This product shows excellent corrosion protection results, with no copper or zinc metals dissolved in the oil phase, providing excellent corrosion protection of yellow metal materials which are used in pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pistons and bearings. The oxidation stability is high, even in the presence of catalytically acting copper and iron and yellow metals. Exemplifying stability under severe conditions, reduced sludge, and reduced carbon residues on metal surfaces. 

Some advantages include excellent scuffing and roller bearing wear protection, high oxidative and thermal stability, good aging stability, superb hydrolysis stability, high rust/corrosion protection of steel surfaces and excellent yellow metal protection (even in the presence of water), good air release and low foaming behavior, great seal compatibility, and contains the latest phosphorus/sulphur additive technology. 


FUCHS RENOLIN ZAF B 10 HT PLUS LV is a high-performance robust spindle oil as well as anti-wear (HLP) hydraulic oil in VG 5 and higher. The VG 2 product is recommended for spindle bearings which operate with extremely tight tolerances.  


  • DIN 51524-2: HLP 
  • DIN 51347-2 
  • DIN ISO 14635-1
  • DIN 51819-3
  • ASTM D 2882

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