Gulf Cylinder Oil 680

Gulf Cylinder Oil 680
Gulf Lubricants

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Gulf Cylinder Oil ISO VG 680, AGMA 8 Comp

Gulf Cylinder Oil 680 is a high quality “steam cylinder” and worm gear type lubricant. Gulf Cylinder Oils are compounded with a special fatty oil that provides an excellent adhesion and lubrication under wet conditions encountered with saturated steam and compression of “wet” gas. They are also designed for use in Worm Gear Reducer Gear Boxes that call for non-ep containing lubricant because of the bronze metal components.

Performance Characteristics

  • Good thermal resistance and oxidation stability
  • Effective lubrication and corrosion protection when subject to heavy steam-washing conditions
  • Outstanding Metal Wettability


  • Recommended for the lubrication of reciprocating steam engines over a wide range of saturated steam pressures and temperatures
  • Lubricant for gas compressors having separate cylinder lubrication systems especially recommended under wet conditions
  • Suitable for lubricating worm gear reducers (bronze to steel gear)
  • Slow moving plain or antifriction type bearings
  • Enclosed chain drives
  • Certain low speed and enclosed gear drives

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