Gulfspin 15

Gulfspin 15
Gulf Lubricants

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Gulfspin ISO VG 15 High Speed Spindle Oil

Gulfspin Spindle Oil 15 is a light colored, low viscosity rust & oxidation inhibited oil for the lubrication of high-speed spindles. They are high quality lubricants that eliminate spindle sticking and are non-corrosive to metals. Each viscosity grade is fortified to reduce wear and is inhibited to prevent corrosion and rust of lubricated parts. Gulfspin lubricants are also suitable for use in oil mist, pressure and bath lubrication of plain or roller bearings and their associated clutches. They are specifically designed for applications not requiring anti-wear or extreme pressure additives due to the increased risk of corrosion. 


• Airline oilers (Gulfspin® ISO 10, 15 & 22)
• Used in equipment where high speeds and fine tolerances are experienced
• Textile industry where oil does not contact fabrics or staining is not an issue
• ISO 2 is recommended for “zero clearance” high–speed spindle bearings
• Used effectively to lubricate textile equipment and machine tools
• Oil may be applied by misting, drop feed, force feed, wick feed, as well as hand and reservoir



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