Mobil Pegasus 1

Mobil Pegasus 1

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Mobil Pegasus™ 1 is an SAE 15W40 synthetic gas engine oil designed to improve engine and oil life, reduce maintenance costs, and lower fuel costs in a wide range of high-output gas engines. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Balanced Synthetic Formulation - Extended drain intervals and improved engine life, longer filter life potential, and cleaner engines. 
  • Outstanding Oxidation and Thermal Stability - Reduced levels of ring land and ring groove carbon, improved valve guide performance, and lower levels of carbon/coking deposits. 
  • Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance - Effective lubrication under cold startup conditions, easier engine cranking at low temperatures, and improved engine protection under high temperature conditions. 
  • Naturally High Viscosity Index - Wide temperature performance. 
  • Low Volatility - Reduced oil consumption and reduced deposit formation in critical engine areas. 
  • Excellent Anti-Wear and Anti-Scuff Protection - Resists wear and scuffing of liners and pistons, particularly in high BMEP engines. 
  • Low Traction Coefficient - Potential for lower fuel costs, improved engine power, and easier starting. 


  • Gas engine models requiring a nominal 0.5% ash gas engine oil. 
  • High-speed, four-cycle turbocharged gas engines. 
  • Naturally aspirated gas engines. 
  • Gas engines using alternative energy sources for fuel gas containing up to 0.3% sulfur as hydrogen sulfide. 
  • Excellent lubricant for stoichiometric and lean-burn designs. 
  • Cogeneration and ebullient cooled applications (due to wide temperature range capabilities). 
  • Compatible with all seals commonly used in gas engines and with minerals oils but admixture with mineral oils will lower performance benefits. 

Specifications and Builder Approvals 

  • MB 226.9 
  • MAN: M 3271-1 
  • MAN: M 3271-2 
  • MWM GmbH TR 0199-99-2105, Lube Oils for Gas Engines 
  • WAUKESA: 12V / 18V 220 GL Applications 

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