Mobil SHC 634

Mobil SHC 634

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Mobil SHC 634 Synthetic ISO VG 460 Lubricating Oil

Mobil SHC 634 is an exceptional performance gear and bearing oil designed to provide outstanding service in terms of equipment protection, oil life and problem-free operation helping to enable increased customer productivity. Mobil SHC 600 Series lubricants feature excellent low temperature properties, as well as improved air release performance in the lower viscosity grades. This product is resistant to mechanical shear, even in heavily loaded gear and high shear bearing applications, so that there is virtually no loss of viscosity. It also possesses the following benefits: 

Superb high temperature thermal/oxidation resistance: Helps extend equipment high temperature operating capability. Long oil life, helps reduce maintenance costs. Helps minimize deposits to enable trouble-free operation and long filter life. 

High Viscosity Index and absence of wax: Maintains viscosity and film thickness at high temperatures. Helps enable exceptional low temperature performance, including start-up. 

Low traction coefficient: Helps reduce friction and increase efficiency in sliding mechanisms such as gearing, with potential for reduced power consumption and lower steady-state operating temperatures. Helps minimize the effects of micro slip in rolling contact bearings to potentially extend rolling-element life. 

High load carrying capability: Helps protects equipment and extends life; helps minimize unexpected downtime and extends service periods. 

Balanced additive combination: Provides excellent performance in terms of rust and corrosion prevention, water separability, foam control and air release performance enabling problem-free operation in a wide range of industrial applications, and reduced operating costs. 

Mobil SHC 634 Specifications & Approvals

  • ISO VG 460
  • ISO L-CKD, ISO 12925-1 CKD
  • DIN 51517-3
  • AGMA 7S
  • AGMA 9005 F16



Specific applications require selection of the appropriate viscosity grade and include: 

  • Filled for life gearboxes, especially high ratio/ low-efficiency worm gears 
  • Remotely located gearboxes, where oil change-out is difficult 
  • Low temperature applications, such as ski lifts where seasonal oil changes can be avoided 
  • Mixer roll bearings and roll neck bearings where high temperatures are encountered 
  • Plastic calendars 
  • Severe centrifuge applications, including marine centrifuges 
  • Railroad A/C Traction Drives 
  • Mobil SHC 626, 627, 629 and 630 are suitable for Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors compressing natural gas, field gas gathering, CO2 and other process gasses used in the natural gas industry
  • Mobil SHC 629, 630, 632, 634, 636, and 639 are approved by Siemens AG for use in Flender gearboxes

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    mobil shc 634

    Posted by GLEN NOBLES on Jan 29 2021

    Best price fast shipping will buy again

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    required product

    Posted by Glen Nobles on Sep 14 2020

    PSC had best price

  • 4
    Good Product, check stock prior to ordering if you need it quick!

    Posted by John B on Mar 05 2020

    Mobil SHC634 is an excellent gearbox lube. No questions. Expensive but these guys are about as good of a price as anyone. Ordered twice, the first container shipped and arrived within 2 days, super fast. The second time I ordered, I inquired after a week of no progress on the tracking number. Out of stock, not sure when it will be back??? It came in about another 10 days. Nice folks, just check stock prior to ordering if you need it quickly.

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    Great value excellent service!

    Posted by none on Feb 14 2018

    Easy to locate products and extremely fast order processing and shipment

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    Hard to find products made easy

    Posted by Steve S. on Oct 03 2017

    Ordered online after failed extensive local search. Easy from start to finish and arrived ahead of schedule. Great company and will definitely order more products from PSC in the future! Thank You!

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