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PB Blaster Penetrant | 6/18 Ounce Case

PB Blaster Penetrant | 6/18 Ounce Case
9.00 LBS

PB B'Laster Penetrant in the Big Shot Can is packaged in cases of 6/18 once Cans

PB Blaster is a Penetrating Catalyst that quickly breaks loose surface tension rust and corrosion by creeping up, around and into hard-to-reach cavities. It is ideal for brake, exhaust and suspension system jobs. Plus, lubricating film remains on parts to help prevent further rusting. PB Blaster is not just another chemical; it's a tool which eliminates the use of cheater bars and torches. Saves time and additional costly repairs. It also has the following benefits:

  • Special capillary action
  • Preferred penetrant of mechanics everywhere
  • Breaks loose surface tension of rust/frozen parts
  • Non-evaporating lubricant
  • Serves as a rust inhibitor
  • Breaks loose surface tension of rust/frozen parts
  • Higher 152F flashpoint
  • Saves time & money by ensuring user will not have to burn off or drill out nuts & bolts or other expensive & time consuming means of repairs

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