Solvent Base

Petroleum Service Company inventories a wide variety Daubert Chemical Company manufactured solvent base Tectyl protective coatings for General Industrial Long Term Corrosion Protection. Tectyl coatings are formulated as a rust corrosion inhibitor to protect ferrous and non-ferrous industrial parts, machinery and transportation equipment and related components during domestic and international shipments. Tectyl solvent cutback wax coatings provide an effective barrier against corrosive environments during indoor, covered and outdoor storage. Tectyl 506EH WD is a high solid, water displacing, amber, wax that is suitable for the widest range of corrosion protection applications. The Tectyl 506EH WD can be applied as a complete vehicle underbody and cavity rust proofing compound and it meets the Association of American Railroads (AAR) specification for axle and wheel end component protection. The Tectyl 506G is an amber thixotropic wax capable of achieving high film builds for high performance protection of automobiles and other transportation equipment. The Tectyl 164 is a solvent cutback wax that deposits a firm black coating for the external protection of industrial machined parts for storage and during shipment. The Tectyl 1422S is an alkyd wax hybrid black paint like, direct to metal coating that provides outstanding rust protection for trailers, chassis, flatbeds and transportation related components. Tectyl 502C is a solvent cutback amber/translucent wax that meets Military Specification MIL-C-16173E Grade 2 for Class I & II and MIL-P-116J, Type P- 2. The Tectyl 502C leaves a semi-firm film on industrial machinery and parts that is compatible with most lubricating oils and greases. The Tectyl 846 is a solvent cutback, water displacing, amber, transparent, non tacky wax corrosion preventive compound designed for the long term protection of parts in outdoor uncovered conditions. The Tectyl 846 meets Military Specification MIL-16173E Grade 4 Class I and MIL-P-116J, Type P-19. Tectyl 891 is a solvent cutback, firm film asphaltic coating that provides long term indoor or outdoor corrosion protection on metallic surfaces. The Tectyl 891 meets Military Specification MIL-16173E Grade 1 for Class I & II and MIL-P-116J, Type P-1. All of these products can be purchased in totes, drums, kegs, pails, quarts, and pints. Each corrosion preventative product has a detailed material safety and technical data sheet. PSC carries a variety of Tectyl products for General Industrial Long Term Rust Protection. The Solvent Based products include: Tectyl 164 , Tectyl 502C Class I, Tectyl 502C Class II, Tectyl 506, Tectyl 506EH , Tectyl 506EH-WD , Tectyl 506G , Tectyl 846 Class I, Tectyl 891D Class I, Tectyl 891D Class II , Tectyl 1422 S Black , and Tectyl 4110 .

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