Sunoco Sunvis 632 Ashless AW Hydraulic Oil

Sunoco Sunvis 632 Ashless AW Hydraulic Oil
Sunoco Lubricants

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Sunoco Sunvis 632 Biodegradable ISO VG 32 Hydraulic Fluid

Sunoco Sunvis 600 Series Ashless Hydraulic Oils are highly refined, ashless, anti-wear hydraulic oils developed to meet the requirements of high pressure hydraulic systems. This zinc-free oil is designed for use in vane, rotary, gear pumps, and compressors, along with circulating systems and machine tools. 


Sunoco Sunvis 600 Series Ashless Hydraulic Oil is consider Inherently Biodegradable and provides outstanding performance in preventing rust, oxidation, foaming, air entrainment and many other factors that occur in hydraulic systems. This fluid is nontoxic and recommended for applications where the use of oils containing toxic heavy metals is restricted because of soil or water contamination. The additive system in this oil meets the requirements of pump manufacturers and machine tool builders and allows for better detergency properties preventing varnish buildup in sophisticated systems. 


Sunoco Sunvis 600 Series Ashless Hydraulic Oil is designed primarily for use in hydraulic systems located near environmentally friendly areas such as national parks, wildlife refuges and ski resorts. 

Sunoco Sunvis 600 Specifications 

  • Dennison HF-0 
  • Dennison HF-1 
  • Dennison HF-2 
  • Vickers M-2950-S 
  • Vickers I-286-S 
  • Cincinnati Lamb P-68 
  • Cincinnati Lamb P-69 
  • Cincinnati Lamb P-70 
  • DIN 51524 PART 2 
  • GM LH-04-1 
  • GM LH-06-1 
  • GM LH-15-1 
  • Rexroth 
  • Sundstrand 
  • Towler 
  • US Steel 127 
  • US Steel 136 
  • ISO 11158:1997 
  • German Steel Industry SEB 181222

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