Sunoco Sunvis 646+ Ashless Hydraulic Oil

Sunoco Sunvis 646+ Ashless Hydraulic Oil
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Sunoco Sunvis 646+ Ashless Plus High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Oil 

Sunoco SUNVIS 646+ ASHLESS HYDRAULIC OIL is a high viscosity index (HVI), highly refined, premium quality ashless, anti-wear hydraulic oil developed for mobile and industrial equipment operating under high pressures and over a wide range of temperatures. 

Sunoco SUNVIS 646+ is ashless or zinc-free, ISO VG 46, and has excellent thermal stability, low temperature properties and a lower pour point than conventional anti-wear hydraulic oils. This fluid is zinc-free, nontoxic, inherently biodegradable, and has excellent low temperature properties. It is recommended for applications where the use of oils containing toxic heavy metals is restricted because of soil or water contamination. 

This is an excellent choice for areas located near water or that are environmentally sensitive such as national parks, wildlife refuges and ski resorts. 


Hitachi Advanced Hydraulic Oil 

DIN 51524 Part 3, Anti-wear Hydraulic Oils (Type HVLP) 

AFNOR NFE 48-603 (Typer HV) 

ISO 11158:1997 (Type HV) 

Eaton-Vickers I-286, M-2950-S, 35VQ25A 

Parker-Hannifin (Denison) HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 

Bosch Rexroth RE 90220 

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