Sunoco Ultra 10W-40, API SN | 12/32 oz. Bottles

Sunoco Ultra 10W-40, API SN | 12/32 oz. Bottles
Sunoco Lubricants

26.00 LBS

Sunoco Ultra 10W-40, API SN in 12/32 oz. Bottles are formulated using high quality base oils and additive packages for use in gasoline fueled engines. These oils are formulated for excellent wear protection and resist viscosity and thermal breakdown.  It has a higher viscosity that provides engines with full protection under higher operating speeds, temperatures, and other adverse conditions.


For use in gasoline fueled automobiles and light duty trucks where a higher viscosity oil is preferred or where API SN, SM, SL, SJ, or SH product is required, for use in high performance engines found in race and rally driving. 

Features & Benefits

Sunoco Ultra 10W-40, API SN in 12/32 oz. Bottles offer excellent detergency for engine cleanliness, easy cold weather starting, and engine protection under a wide variety of operating conditions. Their superior formulas help reduce deposits, protect high-performance engines, and help reduce engine wear and corrosion.

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