Super S Multi-Flow SAE 30 Motor Oil

Super S Multi-Flow SAE 30 Motor Oil
Super S

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Super S Multi-Flo Synthetic Blend SAE 30 Detergent Motor Oil

Super S Multi-Flow SAE 30, API SN are premium, multi-grade oils formulated to meet the everyday demands of today’s naturally aspirated, turbo-charged gasoline fuel engines. A mix of performance enhancing synthetic base oils with the solvency of conventional base stocks combine with a robust additive package to form an intelligent layer of molecules which provide superior protection upon start-up when lubrication is critical. The addition of synthetic base oil provides oxidation stability and lower volatility than conventional based engine oils providing extended drain capability. These oils are licensed with API as API SN. 


For use in all vehicles requiring the use of an API SN/ILSAC GF-5 engine oil under all driving conditions, can be mixed with other synthetic and mineral oils and is recommended for use in all vehicle applications under all driving conditions. 


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