Undercoating In A Can, Black Wax Coating | 5 Gallon Pail

Undercoating In A Can, Black Wax Coating | 5 Gallon Pail
Undercoating In A Can
48.00 LBS

Undercoating In A Can set the standard for modern high performance vehicle rust preventatives in an aerosol can. Now that same product can be purchased in larger unit sizes to be used with spray equipment. 

Undercoating In A Can Black Wax Coating in a 5 Gallon Pail is a premium, wax-based rust preventative sealant that protects undercarriages, and is designed for Commercial and Automotive vehicle use. Coverage is roughly 200 sq. ft. per gallon based on proper thickness of 5 mils dry (6.5 - 8 mils wet). 

Wax based undercoating technology has protected United States Military vehicles (MIL-PRF-62218B) and semi-trailer chassis components, exposed to harsh, highly corrosive environments for over 50 years. This premium wax based undercoating is also the ultimate protection for your family vehicles. 

Undercoating In A Can Black Wax Coating is a "Rust Encapsulating" product meaning it can be applied to existing rust areas and will deter further compounding effects of rust (Rust Cancer). The coating has been continuously improved over the product lifetime to resist the very harmful side effects modern road salts- magnesium, calcium, and potassium chlorides. This rust inhibiting and sound deadening sealant forms a firm barrier film when applied to metal and wood structures, thereby extending the useful life of the coated surface. This coating exhibits excellent gravel, power wash, and impact resistance. 

The latest revision of SAE J2721, for commercial trucks, requires coatings, intended for chassis components, to be exposed to SAE J400 gravel test, where high velocity stones are thrown at the film of coating, before cyclic exposure to the corrosive salt solutions. Consequently, excellent gravel resistance is vital for long term performance. Get the ultimate protection from UNDERCOATING IN A CAN. 


  • Commercial Vehicles - Tractor Trailers 
  • Passenger Cars and Light Trucks 
  • Utility Trailers 
  • Off-Road Vehicle 
  • Motor Homes 
  • Recreation Vehicles 
  • Or any surface where corrosion is a concern 


  • Prevent Rust & Corrosion 
  • Stop or reduce existing rust from spreading 
  • Sound Deadening to reduce road noise 
  • Remains Pliable to resist Chips and Cracking 
  • Lasts 4x longer than Asphalt Based and Rubberized Undercoating 


  • Dries Semi-Firm, tacky to the touch 
  • Flexible and chip resistant 
  • Self-healing properties 
  • Rust encapsulating 

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  • 4
    Great Product!

    Posted by W. J. on Apr 16 2021

    This stuff works great! It is misleading in the sense that this stuff is too thick to put into a spray gun, so I went with the hand brush instead. The final product is still great though! Be careful since the coating gets on your hands even when its all dried up and cured, but thats to reassure you that it is doing its job protecting against rust.

  • 5
    Fight the Salt!

    Posted by Jake W on Mar 24 2021

    I've used this product for about a year now, previously used bar & chain oil/diesel fuel. This stuff sticks so much better. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Awesome product, makes frame nice and black, sprays great, ( Used a graco sprayer) and stays slightly tacky for quite a while in the cold weather before setting up. Protects very well.

    Posted by Carl Patten on Nov 26 2020

    Ive bought 10 gallons and I find it takes about 6 to 7 gallons to do (4) full size GMC pickup trucks.

  • 5
    I like the way it sprays. Had pretty good luck.

    Posted by Jeffrey Futyma on Nov 11 2020

    Only thing I did notice is that the fumes are pretty strong and should wear a n 95 or p95 mask which are hard to come by.

  • 4
    Sprays nice and coats well

    Posted by Nathan. on Oct 10 2019

    So I usually spray a oil / grease mixture that I have to heat to be able to spray, I thought I would try something different this year. I have used other brands but non that were wax based, I really wanted something as close to the OEM ford frame coating as possible. I found that as with most things in life its all in the prep, blow the frame and area out thoroughly to remove all loose rust, flaking paint, and dirt. If you spray over this crap the end result will be poor just like your prep but if you clean everything well and take your time spraying the result is a nice smooth uniform coat that almost looks factory. I use a undercoating gun I bought on Ebay but any siphon type gun works well as the liquid is very thin until the solvent dries out so I would not leave any open cans of this stuff out. I can not discuss the quality of the product or the ability to stop rust as it has only been on the truck for a few days, my wife how ever dose not like the smell but I'm sure in time it will go away lol. I am going to spray my other truck with oil again to use as a control and see witch method works best this year, if they ask for my opinion again in the spring I'll be happy to give an honest answer.

  • 5
    Over-Spray Issue

    Posted by TB on Mar 28 2019

    I had a concern because I had some over spray after treating my 2014 GMC Pick-up. I was instructed by PSC that it should come off with a little mineral spirits. I ended up using odorless mineral spirits from my local hardware store and it worked perfect. Thank You PSC!

  • 4
    Undercoating in a can

    Posted by mmperfdiesel on Oct 23 2018

    I purchased the Undercoating in a can and spray gun kit to protect my pickup. Even with the material at 70degrees, it was very slow and difficult to get it from the 5 gallon pail into the 1liter bottle of the spray gun. I was able to warm the product to about 80 degrees and that helped a lot. Even warmer would be better. While using the 360 degree spray attachment the product was not spraying well at the 80 psi recommended air pressure but works much better at 100 psi. The product covered very well and did not drip at all. I used about 4 gallons to do the underbody, underbed, inside of doors, fenderwells, frame, and tailgate of a crewcab longbox truck. Overall it is a good product and I hope it protects as well as it should. I would recommend it and I have already purchased another pail to do the underside of a snowmobile trailer

  • 4
    Undercoating in a can

    Posted by Scott on Sep 17 2018

    I have used Undercoating in can on multiple trucks and car I’m very happy with the look and Pennsylvania winter roads are very hard on vehicles and it’s held up great

  • 5
    Great first impression!

    Posted by Bob in buffalo NY on Dec 06 2017

    Being that this is a undercoating product that it’s true quality is only proven over time, as far as its effectiveness I cannot comment on it at this time, however, my first initial thoughts are fantastic! The product applies very easily and coats extremely well, it looks great and you don’t have to panic if you get some on your exhaust system I had no experience of it burning. I have used fluid film in the past with less than marginal results, you have to recall every year, and it just washes off the underbody with weather and my trucks keep rusting! Those products work good in the doors but they are horrible for underbody it’s my true belief that this product will work fantastic, it really sticks to the frame and does not come off at this point I give it a five star review.

  • 5
    Undercoating in 5 Gal can

    Posted by Ken on Mar 08 2017

    undercoating in a can went on good and looks good. I just sprayed it on last weekend so I haven't had time to see how it will last. I think it is going to hold up well to Maine winters.

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