ZGuard 8000 Undercoating | 1 Gallon Can

ZGuard 8000 Undercoating | 1 Gallon Can
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10.00 LBS

Z Guard 8000, 1 gallon can, is a black, durable, thixotropic, corrosion-preventative sealant designed as a rust-inhibiting undercoating for underbody components, containers and other metal and wood structures. The rust inhibiting sealant is a blend of petroleum base materials and organometallic complex products dispersed in petroleum solvents. It is easily applied using airless spray equipment. When applied to metal or wood surfaces a barrier film is formed, thereby extending the useful life of the treated metal or wood. This product has excellent adhesion to virtually all metal or wood substrates at ambient and below-freezing temperatures. It also has the following benefits:

  • High Film Build Capability
  • High Temperature (450F) Flow resistance / low temperature flexibility
  • Suitable for severe atmospheric corrosion protection
  • Hydro-erosion resistant
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Meets military performance standards
  • Superior seam penetration


  • Formulated to use on metal surfaces, automotive o rindustrial where superior, long term corrosion protection is required.
  • Designed for use with airless or high pressure air assisted airless equipment: Contact the Applications Department for recommended equipment.
  • Coverage at this thickness is about 200 to 250 square feet per gallon (at 100% transfer efficiency).

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