The Lubriguard brand is a proprietary registered trademark of Warren Oil Company, Inc., one of the largest independent lubricant manufactures across the globe with the largest number of American Petroleum Institute Engine Oil Licenses in the US. Petroleum Service Company currently carries Lubriguard heavy duty diesel engine oil, high temperature EP grease, and Diesel exhaust fluid.

Lubriguard leads the way in fully-approved lower viscosity oils offering both protection and fuel economy benefits. Their Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil are engineered to properly maintain hard working engines in tough service environments. 15w40 CJ-4 lubricant protects camshafts, tappets, liners, bearings, bush pins, and all vital components of a hard-working engine. Specialized Soot Slayer dispersant technology prevents the lubricant from soot thickening and keeps the engine clean.

Lubriguard Skyblue DEF is a urea solution used as a reducing agent for Selective Catalytic Reduction systems in diesel-powered vehicles. This composition of urea and water reduces the amount of toxic NOx emitted into the air.  

Lubriguard grade 2 greases are certified NLGI GC-LB and provide superior lubrication for a variety of applications, including industrial and automotive. 

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