Pennzoil’s history is rooted in Pennsylvania’s early oil industry. The Pennsylvania Refining Company, formed in 1886, was founded to process the large amounts of oil produced in the region and bound for the eastern seaboard. Eventually the company, purchased by Nonpareil Refining Co., focused more on producing lubricants and formed a company to market them: Oil City Oil and Grease Company. Earning a reputation for high-quality lubricants, they devised the brand name Pennzoil for their products.

Throughout the next several decades, a number of companies were absorbed by Pennzoil, making it a large and diversified natural-resource company. Today, Pennzoil is still known for their high-quality—and most trusted—motor oils. Unlike “traditional” synthetic motor oils made from crude oil, Pennzoil’s Platinum Full synthetics are modern, innovative, and made from a specialized gas to liquid process, resulting in a 99.5% pure base oil for optimum performance.

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