Fuchs Renep KN 68 NA

Fuchs Renep KN 68 NA

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Fuchs Renep KN 68 NA

FUCHS RENEP KN 68 NA is a specially designed slideway/gear lubricants compounded using the highest quality base stocks and advanced extreme pressure additive technology for wear protection. It is resistant to run-off and has improved adhesion to sliding metal surfaces with the addition of a tackiness additive. It also boasts oxidation resistance and is formulated to allow smooth machine operation. 

Benefits include precise movement through excellent stick-slip friction, extreme pressure protection for wear prevention, preventing gumming through stable and oxidation resistance, filter-plugging residue prevention, and resistance to gel/soap formation within machining coolant for an extended coolant life.


RENEP KN 68 NA lubricants are very effective in lubrication of headers, machine tools, and similar equipment. They are formulated to meet or exceed the critical requirements of Cincinnati Machine P-47 & P-50 specifications, the Schmidt-Coburg test for demulsibility & coolant compatibility as well as requirements set by the Bijur Corporation in its critical filterability test.  


  • Cincinnati Machine P-47, P-50
  • Schmidt-Coburg
  • ASTM D 445, 2270, 92

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