Gulf Harmony R&O Oil 32

Gulf Harmony R&O Oil 32
Gulf Lubricants

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Gulf Harmony High Performance Rust and Oxidation Inhibited Bearing Oil ISO VG 32 

Gulf Harmony R&O (Rust and Oxidation) Oil 32 is an industrial rust and oxidation inhibited multipurpose lubricant formulated with premium base oils and a proven additive system. These high-performance turbine grade lubricants can be used as compressor oils, non-EP gear oils, general purpose circulating/bearing oils, and as non-antiwear hydraulic oils in appropriate applications.

This high performing turbine grade lubricant boasts outstanding demulsibility that minimizes emulsions when coming in contact with water/other contaminants, prevents oxidation, ensures rust/corrosion protection in severe operating conditions, and promotes fluid life to help reduce system maintenance.


Gulf Harmony AW Hydraulic Oils are designed for use in steam turbines, electric motors, spindle bearings, sleeve bearings, hydraulic circulating systems where EP/anti-wear type products are not required, air compressors, gear reducers, machine tools, and heat transfer operations. 


  • Parker Hannifin Denison Hydraulics HF-1
  • General Electric GEK-32568
  • DIN 51524 Part 1
  • Solar Turbines ES9-224
  • Cincinnati Machine (Milacron) P-38, P-54, P-55, P-57
  • ASTM D 4304 Type I (ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100)
  • MIL-L 17672D 

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