Sunoco Waylube 1180

Sunoco Waylube 1180
Sunoco Lubricants

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Sunoco Waylube 1180 - ISO VG 68 - Machine Tool Way and Slide Lubricant 

Sunoco Waylube 1180 is an ISO VG 68 lubricant specially formulated for the lubrication of machine tool ways and slides. It eliminates stick-slip or table chatter by reducing friction between mating surfaces. It provides film strength and excellent EP protection when ways are heavily loaded. 


Sunoco Waylube 80 has metal wetting and adhesive agents that enable it to form uniform films that resist squeezing from way surfaces while the machine is not in operation. By preventing stick-slip, the wear of way surfaces is minimized and their service life is greatly extended. It is also designed with additives to prevent the mixing of the product with water based coolants. 


  • Machine applications where ways are present regardless of load, including slideways (vertical or horizontal), milling and screw machines, planers, shapers, drills, and lathers.
  • Air-Operated hammers, breakers, and rock drills.
  • As extreme-pressure (EP) lubricants where a tacky gear oil with EP properties are suitable in industrial gear boxes.

If your lubrication system has a common reservoir and hydraulic pressure remains under 1000 psi, Sunoco waylube is suitable and can be used as combination oils (waylube, gear oil, and hydraulic fluid).


Cincinnati Fives Spec. No P-47

Typical Properties

Property WAYLUBE 1180 - 6753
Viscosity, cSt @40° C (D445) 68.0
Viscosity, cSt @100° C (D445) 9.1
Viscosity Index (D2270) 110
Flash Point, COC °C, min. 225
Pour Point, °C max. -35
Stick Slip, ASTM D2877 .70
Cincinnati Fives Spec. No. P-47
Timken OK Load, lb. 60
4-Ball Load Wear Index 37.2
4-Ball Weld Point 200
Rust, Syn Sea Water Pass

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  • 5
    Affordable alternative

    Posted by Shane on Feb 19 2018

    So far this has been an affordable alternative to the old Mobil vactra. It was delivered well packaged and quickly. The 5 gallons delivered was less than my local shop for 2 gallons of vactra and works as good or better. Will DEFINITELY buy again

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Mark on Feb 07 2017

    Great product and can't beat the price and service. Thanks

  • 5
    Great product and great service

    Posted by Jim K on Dec 05 2016

    Recommended for my Bridgeport mill, but hard to find. Excellent pricing as well.

  • 5
    Way lube sunoco

    Posted by Tim Breen on Jul 15 2016

    Best price around

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