United Coating Oil CO-100

United Coating Oil CO-100

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United Rust Preventative Coating Oil CO-100 QPL Approved MIL-PRF-3150E

United Coating Oil CO-100 is Quality Product Listed (QPL) for Govt Designation MIL-PRF-3150E; Military Symbol PL-M: NATO Code O-192. It is a medium viscosity, long term rust preventative coating oil specifically designed for applying to steel strips after pickling, temper rolling, galvanizing, and the processing prior to storage.

United Coating Oil CO-100 possesses compatibility with all temper mill coolants and one-phase oil-based coating oils, and may be applied by spray, felt wiper, or electrostatic oiler. 

Features & Qualities

  • Contains non-staining, acid neutralizing film formers, polar additives, water displacers, and anti-oxidants for additional barrier protection
  • Free of silicones, lanolin, hardeners, and waxes. Cleaned relatively easy from the steel surface before processing of the strip.
  • Well balanced between barrier type corrosion protection & additive based corrosion protection. Both provided via carrier or base oil and the water displacing additive.
  • Barrier protection: simply preventing moisture from reaching the steel surface of the coil. 

NOTE: Military standard or Military-SPEC lubricants are products that meet or exceed the US defense standard, a measure of quality set to standardize the expectations of all products supplied to the US Military. All MIL-SPEC (Military-SPEC or Super Clean) lubricants are subject to stringent tests in order to be suitable for military consumption, preventing the delivery and use of poor quality lubricants that could lead to potentially disastrous situations. 

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