Mobil DTE FM 32

Mobil DTE FM 32

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Mobil DTE FM 32 Food Grade Lubricating Oil

Mobil DTE FM 32 is a high performance lubricant designed to satisfy a wide range of multi-use equipment requirements for the food processing and packaging industry. It is a tasteless, odorless, premium quality lubricant formulated with non-toxic NSF/FDA food grade additives and base oils. The additive system provides good wear protection, excellent oxidation stability and protection against rust. They provide good system cleanliness, long oil/filter life, and optimum equipment protection. 

Mobil DTE FM 32 is an excellent gear, bearing and circulating oil. It is also suitable for handling the critical requirements of hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo-valves and the high accuracy numerically controlled (NC) machine tools. This product meets the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide range of system and component manufacturers using various multi-metallurgy designs allowing a single product with outstanding performance characteristics. These include: 

Non-Toxic Formulation: Allows use in food packaging and processing applications. 

Very Good Anti-wear Properties: Reduces wear. Extends equipment life. 

Excellent Oxidation Stability: Provides long oil and equipment life. Extends filter life. 

High Level Corrosion Protection: Prevents internal hydraulic system corrosion. Reduces negative effects of moisture in systems. Provides corrosion protection of multi-metallurgy component designs. 

Meets a Wide Range of equipment requirements: Multi-service applications - One product can replace several. Minimizes inventory requirements. Reduced potential for product misapplication. 

Excellent Air Separation Characteristics: Reduces foaming and it's negative effects. 

Very Good Water Separation Properties: Protects systems where small quantities of moisture are present. Readily separates larger quantities of water. 


  • Suitable for multi-service applications in the lubrication of machinery used in all food processing industries, fish processing and meat packing plants 
  • Excellent gear, bearing, circulating system and hydraulic oils 
  • Compressors and vacuum pumps handling air and inert gasses 
  • Air line lubricators 
  • Systems requiring a high degree of load-carrying capability and anti-wear protection 
  • Machines employing a wide range of components using various metallurgy 

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    Mobil DTE FM 32 - 5 gallon pail

    Posted by Richard S on Nov 09 2020

    Quality product and delivery is always reliable/dependable. Very happy with PSC and their service.

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